Being In the Music Industry

Updated: Apr 5, 2020


It has not been easy and continues to be hard. As a young woman in the music industry, I'm constantly having to prove that I am able to bring something new, something interesting, and something worth looking at to the table. It is also hard trying to find a balance between school, teenage life, and my career. Starting young isn't always easy but it allows you to make your mistakes early, learn from them, and then apply them to everyday life. Something I would say to other women about starting their journey is that it is NOT too late, it is NOT too early, it is NOT going to be easy, and you will want to give up but you can't because an unstarted dream is an unfinished job.


You don't want a career that burns and dies fast, you want something that lasts. You have to create music that people can relate to or something that's going to make them listen. Despite what people say great music still exists you just have to know how to make it. Someone once told me that if you're not happy or in love with your music then it will be impossible to make others fall in love. When writing music you have to be confident in it. Learn that it's okay to be only or less than okay for awhile. When people listen to music they not only want to feel the beat but they also want to be able to relate to it. The more they feel they can relate to the music the more they start to feel they can relate to the artist.


Surround yourself with supportive people. Having a community of people who lift you up and vocalize the best parts of you help you. It makes you want to make great music and share it with people who love and support you. Collaboration is also important in music. You and collaborators can teach and learn from each other. Your mental health is also important. This industry is as hard as it gets and its not any easier being in the public eye. You are responsible for your own behavior, just like every other person, the choices you make will reflect on your health, physically and mentally.

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